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Văn khấn giao thừa ngày Tết đầy đủ (trong nhà – ngoài trời)

Full indoor and outdoor New Year’s vows for the national traditional New Year. When offering New Year’s Eve, what should be prepared for the ceremony tray, which direction should be turned… Invite you lớn learn with Quick Tips through this article.

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New Year’s Eve offering is a very important ritual for Vietnamese people on New Year’s Day. This includes both outdoor and indoor New Year’s Eve offerings. Each worshiping ceremony has different trays and vows.

I. Outdoor New Year’s Eve vows

According lớn the traditional concept of Vietnamese people, every year there is a mandarin who governs the lower world. Outdoor New Year’s Eve offerings lớn send off the old year god and welcome the new year ruler.

1. Prepare an outdoor New Year’s Eve offering

Usually, many families choose the yard as an outdoor New Year’s Eve ceremony. If the family does not have a yard, the ceremony can be held in front of the house.

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Offerings lớn prepare:

  • 1 table (with yellow blanket – if available)
  • 1 plate
  • 1 chicken (or pig’s head)
  • 1 plate of sticky rice (or banh chung)
  • 1 plate of fruit (if it is five fruits, the better)
  • 3 bowls of tea
  • 2 cups of wine, 1 cup of water
  • 2 candles (or 2 oil lamps)
  • 1 cup of betel nut, gold coins, incense
  • 1 flower pot
  • 1 plate of rice, 1 plate of salt

If your family is vegetarian, you can replace the chicken plate with 1 watermelon (or grapefruit). Shrimps and sauteed plates can be used on the offering tray. In addition, homeowners can also add clothes, hats and horses for the gods. Can decorate 1 rose and place on the beak

In particular, the owner should choose a rooster as an offering for the New Year’s Eve offering.

Should choose 5 yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers for the outdoor New Year’s Eve offering. Can use 2 white daisies and 3 yellow daisies.

How lớn arrange an outdoor New Year’s Eve tray as follows:

  • Spread a clean yellow cloth over the table. Homeowners can spread a red carpet on the ground right next lớn the altar.
  • Arrange the offerings as shown on the tray
  • 2 candles (lamps) on either side.
  • It is advisable lớn arrange the offerings facing the outside.

At the time of New Year’s Eve at exactly 0:00 on the 1st day of the New Year (at the time of the shift), the owner lights candles (lamps), pours wine, and lights 3 incense sticks. Hand holding incense. When burning incense, the homeowner needs lớn stick the incense straight (should not be tilted) into the rice bowl.

2. Full and detailed outdoor New Year’s Eve worship

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Here is an outdoor New Year’s Eve prayer for 2021 – New Year of the Ox

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times)


I respectfully bow lớn the heavens of the nine directions, the Buddhas of the ten directions, and the buddhas of the ten directions

– I bow lớn His Holiness the Dalai Lama Maitreya Buddha

– I respectfully bow lớn Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, saving sentient beings from suffering

– I respectfully bow lớn Hoang Thien, Hau Tho, all the gods

– I bow lớn the old-timer in charge.”Chu Vuong Hanh Khien, God of Heaven on Hanh Binh, Ly Cao Phan Quan“. *

– I bow lớn you, the current celestial body.”Trieu Vuong Hanh Khien, The Three Crosses of the Sixth and Sixth Directions of the Han Dynasty, and Khuc Cao Judge“. *

– I respectfully bow lớn the Ngu Phuong, Ngu Ho, Long Mai, Tao Quan, and all the gods.

It’s New Year’s Eve minute Rat soup with five Tan Ox

We are: …, year of birth: …, practicing: … age, living at house number:…, hamlet/neighborhood:…, commune/ward…, district/district/city…, province/city…

On the occasion of the sacred moment of New Year’s Eve, the old year is over, welcome the new year, Tam Duong Khang Thai, thousands of statues renew. Now, Mr. Thai Tue respects the god above, obeys the orders of the Jade Emperor, supervises the people, and protects the living creatures under the evil spirits. The old mandarin about the vacated court, good luck, and grace. The new mandarin came down instead, being filial piety, bestowing fortune. On the occasion of the New Year, our faithful faithful, arrange incense, flowers, offerings, ceremonial bows, offer before the court, make offerings lớn the Buddha-Saints, offer sacrifices lớn Ton God, burn incense sticks, and wholeheartedly worship.

We invite: Mr. Old Year is the ruler of Thai Tuoi, Mr. Tan Nien is in charge of Thai Tui Chi Duc Ton, Mr. Canh Canh Thanh Hoang of Great Kings, Mr. Gods, the Five Directions, the Five Earths, the Dragon Circuit, the Fortune God, the Taoist Monarchs, and the Gods who rule in this land, bowing down before the judgment lớn enjoy the offerings.

I pray that the faithful, the year of resistance lớn Thailand, all things are good, the four seasons and eight periods have the word peace, the family religion is prosperous and long, the family is prosperous, and they enjoy the blessings of God, Buddha, and other gods every day.

We respectfully offer offerings, sincerely pray. I pray lớn the nine directions of heaven, lớn the ten directions of the Buddhas and lớn the gods lớn witness protection and protection.

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times, 3 prostrations)

Note: Each year there are corresponding executive officers in the section 12 Executive Officers. When reading New Year’s vows outdoors, homeowners should properly read the rulers of the old year and the current rulers of the new year.

II. New Year’s Eve vows in a traditional house

The custom of offering New Year’s Eve in the house is a good tradition of our nation. This is an ancestor worshiping ceremony lớn pray for blessings, peace and good things lớn the extended family. Homeowners refer lớn the offerings, how lớn decorate the ceremony tray and New Year’s vows in the house through the section below.

1. Prepare the New Year’s Eve offerings at home

How to display New Year's Eve offerings at home

New Year’s Eve offerings in the house include:

  • 1 rooster
  • 1 plate of Banh Chung
  • 1 plate Spring rolls (or spring rolls, or both)
  • 1 plate of sticky rice (sticky rice with gac or sticky rice with green beans)
  • 3 incense sticks, 1 flower vase (white or yellow chrysanthemum),
  • 1 lamp, 2 candles, gold coins, 3 cups of wine
  • Candy
  • 1 bowl of cooked soup

Depending on the region and family taste, the New Year’s Eve offerings in the house slightly change some dishes:

The North has some more dishes

– 1 bowl of bone broth cooked with bamboo shoots (or potatoes). Can use stewed pork hock with bamboo shoots…

– 1 plate of fried spring rolls, 1 plate of frozen meat, 1 plate of pickled onions and onions

– 1 plate of stir-fry (fried potatoes with gizzards, stir-fried beef with bean sprouts or fried beef with onions…)

– 1 bowl of vermicelli cooked with dried bamboo shoots, wood ear, bone (or gizzard inside)

– 1 plate of spring rolls (if any)

Central region added some dishes

– There are 1-3 Tet cakes

– 1 plate of frozen meat

– 1 plate of Hue rolls

– 1 plate of boiled pork

– 1 bowl of stewed bamboo shoots (fresh or sour bamboo shoots)

– 1 plate of spring rolls (ram) rolls

– 1 plate of deep-fried fish

The South has more dishes:

– 1 plate of Tet cake

– Bamboo shoot soup with pork bones (or bitter melon soup stuffed with meat)

– 1 plate of braised meat

– 1 plate of pickled cucumbers, palanquin

Homeowners should arrange New Year’s Eve offerings in the house on the altar. If the altar has a small and tight area, it is possible lớn display the offering tray on a table (about 1m high, wide enough lớn place the offering tray) placed in front of the altar.

2. New Year’s Eve offerings in the house

New Year's Eve prayers at home

Here is the New Year’s Eve prayer in the house New Year of the Ox 2021:

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times)

Namo Duong Lai Ha Sinh Mai Lac Ton Buddha

Namo Dong Phuong Medicine Master Luu Ly Quang Vuong Buddha

Namo Duc Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara saves sentient beings

I bow lớn the heavens of the nine directions, the buddhas of the ten directions, the buddhas of the ten directions

I bow lớn Hoang Thien, Hau Tho, Long Mai, Tao Quan, all the gods

The ancestors, the ancestors, the immortals

Now New Year’s Eve in the middle of the old year Rat soup with the new year Tan Ox

We are:…birth year: …, ward: …age, live at house number…, hamlet/neighborhood…, commune/ward…, district/district/city…, province/city…

New Year’s Eve has just hit, now according lớn the law, we welcome the old people, the time of the Rat begins the spring, we celebrate the Lunar New Year, we faithfully worship, cultivate flowers and gifts, worship the ceiling, offer before the court, make offerings lớn the Buddha-Saints, make offerings lớn the gods, make offerings lớn the ancestors, burn incense sticks, and wholeheartedly worship.

We invite: Mr. Canh Canh Thanh Hoang, Great Kings, Mr. Native Spirit of the Earth Land, Hy Than, Phuc Duc Chinh Than, Mr. Ngu Phuong, Mr. Ngu Tho, Mr. Dragon Vein of Tai Than, you natives of the Tao Palace God. armies and gods rule in this land. Pray for Christmas before the judgment, enjoy the offerings.

Again, I respectfully invite the ancestors of the ancestors, Cao Tang To Examiner, Cao Tang To Sister, Uncle Uncle brother, Auntie sister, family and friends of the family, lớn bow down lớn the deputy spirit lớn enjoy the offerings.

The faithful again invite the spirits of the former master, the post-owner, the herbal medicine assistant in this land, on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve, Christmas before the judgment, admiring the new spring, and enjoying the offerings.

Pray for the faithful, a healthy year of life, auspicious things, a peaceful four seasons, a long and prosperous family religion.

Heartfelt prayer, silver offerings, bowing lớn witness.

Namo Amitabha Buddha (3 times, 3 prostrations).

After 3 weeks of incense, turn votive paper lớn make offerings.

III. 12 Executive Officers, Judges by year

Every year there is an executive officer, the Judge descends lớn rule the lower world. Therefore, when reading the vows, the householder should read the names of the mandarins corresponding lớn each year accordingly. The householder mentions the names of the Executive Judges who are in charge of the old year and the new year.

For example:

New Year’s Eve vows lớn welcome the new year – Tan Suu 2021.

  1. I bow lớn the old-timer in charge.”Chu Vuong Hanh Khien, God of Heaven on Hanh Binh, Ly Cao Phan Quan“. *
  2. I bow lớn you, the reigning emperor.”Trieu Vuong Hanh Khien, The Three Crosses of the Sixth and Sixth Directions of the Han Dynasty, and Khuc Cao Judge“. *

The three Executive Judges in verse 1 correspond lớn the year Rat (old year). There are 3 Judges, the Maneuver in verse 2 corresponds lớn the year Ox (New Year).

List of officials by year:

1. Year of the Rat: Chu Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien On Hanh Binh Chi God, Ly Cao Judge.

2. Year of the Ox: Trieu Vuong Hanh Khien, Tam Thirty hexagons of Hanh Binh Chi, Khuc Cao Judge.

3. Year of the Tiger: Wei Vuong Hanh Khien, Moc Tinh Chi Than, Tieu Cao Judge.

4. Year of the Rabbit: Trinh Vuong Hanh Khien, Thach Tinh Chi Than, Lieu Cao Judge.

5. Year of the Dragon: Department of Vuong Hanh Khiem, Hoa Tinh Chi Spirit, Expression Cao Judge.

6. Year of the Snake: Ngo Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Hai Chi Than, Hua Cao Judge.

7. Year of the Horse: Tan Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Hao Chi God, Nhan Cao Judge.

8. Year of the Goat: Song Vuong Hanh Khien, Five Daos of God, Lam Cao Judge.

9. Year of the Body: Qi Vuong Hanh Khien, Five Temples of God, Tong Cao Phan Quan.

10. Year of the Rooster: Lu Vuong Hanh Khien, Ngu Nhac Chi God, Cu Cao Judge.

11. Year of the Dog: Viet Vuong Hanh Khien, Thien Ba Chi Than, Thanh Cao Judge.

12. Year of the Pig: Luu Vuong Hanh Khien, Ngu On Chi Than, Nguyen Cao Phan Quan.

IV. Should New Year’s Eve worship indoors or outdoors first?

According lớn the worshiping culture of the Vietnamese people, folk have a saying “”welcome the new year, see the cue”. The implication of this saying is that the householder wants lớn show respect lớn the mandarins and gods, so they should welcome the new year’s rulers before sending off the old year’s rulers. Therefore, homeowners should offer New Year’s Eve offerings outdoors before worshiping indoors.

V. Which direction does the outdoor New Year’s Eve ceremony turn?

North is considered the place where God resides. The East direction has Thien Tu (King). According lớn Vietnamese worship culture, when offering New Year’s Eve outdoors, it is advisable lớn worship in the northeast direction.

BECAUSE. Do you need lớn worship on New Year’s Eve in an apartment building? Where lớn worship?

Outdoor worship requires two elements: heaven and earth. The offering should be placed near the ground. Above is a large space. Usually, our Vietnamese family celebrates New Year’s Eve in the yard. Therefore, in an apartment building, it is not necessary lớn worship the New Year’s Eve outdoors, but just focus on doing the worshiping ceremony indoors.

If families living in an apartment building want lớn worship on New Year’s Eve outdoors, they should bring the ceremony tray down lớn the main yard of the apartment building and celebrate there.

VII. Notes when praying for New Year’s Eve

When making New Year’s Eve vows, homeowners should note a few points:

– Prepare decent offerings. Not necessarily as complete as the items above, but not over-the-top.

– Wear clean and neat clothes. Wear long, sleeveless clothes. Avoid wearing revealing clothes, shorts, blazers…

– When offering New Year’s Eve, you should put your hands together in reverence and stand dignified in front of the altar and altar.

– When reading New Year’s Eve vows indoors, outdoors should pay respect lớn the gods, ancestors … should not have a joking attitude.

– Family members should stand together (optional) when the owner performs the worship ceremony outdoors and indoors. In particular, should not make noise, quarrel or say profanity while offering New Year’s Eve.



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